Sunday, August 9, 2009


How cute are these kids on the bench eating ice cream?

And this sign on the right - warning drivers, "Bitte Nicht So Schnell"...
("please not so fast!")

This cuteness brought to you by Austria.


Julia said...

I came across your blog by googling "Swiss-German".

Don't know if you can help me, but here goes:

I have traced my ancestors from the Pfalz of Germany to Basel. The birthplace listed in the German churchbook says

Nicolaus Buser [born by 1655]

zu Hausen, 3 std obig Basel

I think it means the last known address before coming to Germany was the city of Basel.

But I can't figure out "obig".

In regular German it means over, above, in a higher place, foregoing. I'm thinking it might mean he was from the city of Basel in the state of Basel -(which is the higher-level state's name, too?

I haven't a clue what the "3" means.

Do you have any idea of who could decipher this for me?


I know that Basel is loaded with people bearing my family last name - Buser.

Switzerland sounds like a very cool place to live.


My Brand New Swiss Life said...

Nooo idea!! Sorry Julia!!

Julia said...

Thanks anyway.

I got a response from a helpful Swiss citizen in Basel with the same family name who clued me in. The town is Hausen im Wiesental over in Baden, Germany - it has a textile-transportation canal to Basel.

"3 std obig Basel" means "3 hours (by horse) North of Basel".

Very, very old directions from the 1600s. I was lucky to find anybody who knew what the heck it meant.

Nice blog.