Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Not Designed to Flatter a Pet-Owner's Pride

If I had a cat... would I buy this product?

Oh Italy, You're So... Italian


1) By all means, NEVER use a turn signal. This is a sure display of weakness.

2) Do not expect a median strip on a major highway. A white line down the middle? Strictly for sissies.

3) In traffic, people will drive up on the shoulder....
passing you & 10 other cars, then cut back in. You shake your fist (but wonder if maybe you should try the same...)

4) If in a hurry, you will inevitably be stuck behind a truck, usually driven with no particular sense of urgency by an octogenarian.

5) If you fly into Naples & rent a car - GET A CAR WITH GPS.

Happy Driving!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I usually like U.S. television

I feel like it's time for American T.V.

The Today Show is online.

Featured on today's program are The Muppets and John Stamos.

Is there some correlation between a bad economy and ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE programing?

Just curious.