Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Went to Greece

Here's what you should know - if you are contemplating a trip there too.

1) Go in the off season.
~ this holds true for most places in my opinion. Early May or September.

2) Do not go during high season.
~ ok, yes this was just mentioned. But can't stress it enough.

~ Unless you want to: jockey for a seat on a bus, or have all the buses be sold out. Or wait 3 days for the next ferry because the one you wanted was sold out. Etc.

3) Greece has a lot of natural beauty. If you are into that, go to Greece. If you need air conditioning & don't like walking places, go to Las Vegas.

4) No 'to-do' list.

We just showed up at a bus station, & got on a bus marked "Red Beach." It was gorgeous. Like a place where a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio as an adventurer of some sort would be filmed.

The fun of discovery - places to hike, eat, swim, photograph donkeys.

Leave your Fodor's at home.