Friday, August 8, 2008


Some random expat observations, in no categorized order...

Mustaches. One generally assumes the popularity of mustaches faded after the cancellation of Magnum P.I. But in Spain, the mustache is still going strong. Take a ride on Iberia Air sometime. You can bet your bottoming American dollar you will be surrounded by them. Men with The Spanish Mustache.

Non-Utilizable Table Napkins. Again, Spain. Napkins. Grab a "napkin" from one of the dispensers at a cafe.... and you will be dissappointed. They are like two pieces of wax paper stuck together over a piece of white paper. It makes for an unpleasant non-absorbent effect. Achtung! Do not try to blow your nose. What is the purpose of these?

Living in a Bubble. Today someone mentioned in an email - "Hey, it's Opening Day!" I thought she was talking about Street Parade*-- an event occuring this weekend in Zurich. She was referring to Opening Day of the Olympics. Duh.