Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Swiss Celebrity Sightings

So, let's be honest. There are only about 3 famous Swiss people. These 3 being -

1) Roger Federer
2) Martina Hingis
3) um...

There are some people who, within Switzerland, are considered "famous" though.

The latest James Bond flick's director was Swiss. It was a big deal when he was chosen to direct (big deal aka, in Switzerland).

The Mr. & Ms. Switzerland winners are "famous."

... A friend of mine saw Martina Hingis yesterday.

I also saw Roger Federer a few years ago standing in front of a hotel, waiting for his car to be brought around.


Chantal said...

I read that the reason the Miss-Mr Switzerland contest is so popular is the utter lack of any other Swiss celebrities...

Jul said...

You forgot Alle Tot guy and DJ Bobo.

magpiedays said...

You forgot Fabian Cancellara, Didier Cuche and Lara Gut.