Thursday, April 10, 2008

Journalism, Swiss-style

Reading the Heute yesterday... only to have my near perfect world shaken.

This hard-hitting news source has broken some important news. Front page stuff.

The new Mister Schweiz has, it seems, had dental work.

Before & after photos took up most of the cover.

Do people go to journalism school here for this profession?


The Big Finn said...

Yesterday, I was waiting for a tram in Reinach. I happened to glance upward, and what did I see on the third floor of an office building?

A big sign with the word:


My Brand New Swiss Life said...


A. Michael said...

Hi Angie?

"Heute" is published by Ringier, the same company that also publishes the Blick. The only obvious difference is, that they don't have that much sex. But it's still a tabloid.
On the other hand consider that during the hearings with General Petraeus and US - Iraq-ambassador Crocker MSNBC hat a news ticker going on the bottom of the screen, that model Naomi Campbell is banned from British Airways and another one that OJ Simpson owes 1.5 million in California Income Taxes...
And MSNBC is considered one of the "better" news sources here in the States.
Reporting from Austin, this is Michael for "My Brand New Swiss Life" - lol

Jul said...

Oh how I miss Heute.